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14 November 2017

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Rick Kennedy Enters TX 17 Congressional Race with War Chest


Austin-area resident and software engineer Rick Kennedy announced Tuesday that he has entered the Democratic Primary for the Texas 17th District with $50,000 cash-on-hand.


“I’m so grateful for the outpouring of support from friends and family as I’ve thought about what it means to run and serve. We will run a campaign built on the belief that civility and cooperation must be restored in DC. We’re focused on reaching out to community and elected leaders to build a coalition of voters who know we deserve better.”


Across the country last week – in races in Virginia, New Jersey, and beyond – grassroots movements to reject the politics of division proved that voters are hungry to elect regular people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and focus on governing.


About Rick


Rick is a dad to three amazing kids ages 17, 13 and 11. Like any parent, he’s concerned about their future and are one of his primary motivations to run for Congress.

Back in 1984 Rick graduated from Penn State University with a degree in computer science. Since that time, he’s spent his entire career leading teams and organizations developing software and components that form the building blocks of the internet or help run factories around the world. 

Rick has worked for small companies and larger ones, like Lucent Technologies and Dell, and understands their impact on middle-class families.

Rick’s business activities have taken him around the world. He’s met and worked with people of many different cultures, languages and political persuasions. He’s worked in factories in China and Dell factories here in the US – as well as in Malaysia, Poland and beyond. These times abroad have been enlightening, but they have served mostly to deepen his respect and love for the United States and his pride for Texas.

That pride in Texas and love of country is Rick’s other primary motivation to run. Our current leaders leverage the many fault lines in our society for their own electoral advantage rather than uniting us and solving problems. We can and must do better. Texas must lead the way, and the 17th District must lead Texas.