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We are in one of the most socially and politically polarized moments of our lifetime. Our system requires our representatives to engage in good faith discussions and be open to principled compromise. Reducing divisiveness is a pre-requisite to solving the challenges we face. Read More ...


Principled compromise is essential to the political process. I am a centrist, not deeply ideological, and so am open to any and all ideas that stem from an evidence/fact based approach to solving our problems and don't violate basic tenets of equal rights and equal opportunity.


It's time to stop exploiting this issue for political gain and implement a comprehensive revision of our immigration system that meets our economic and security needs and reflects our values as a society. Read More ...


If difficult issues go unaddressed by responsible leaders, they will be exploited by irresponsible ones. 

                                                                                                                                                                           - David Frum