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Health Care

I support the Medicare for America (M4Am) Act of 2019.

I believe the M4Am is the appropriate next step in health care because it:

  • Achieves universal coverage - especially important in rural areas where the uninsured rate is high.

  • Addresses uncompensated care for hospitals, which is a significant contributor to rural hospital closures.

  • WILL NOT eliminate private insurance.

  • Provides relief from the threat of medical bill-induced bankruptcy - the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the US.

  • Empowers M4Am to negotiate prescription drug prices.

  • Strikes the proper balance between the role of government and market mechanisms where they work best.

Contrast these benefits with Republicans' record on health care. Beyond an obstinate, decade-long effort to repeal the ACA, they have no plan to address the problems in our health care system. As if to emphasize the point, in May of 2019, Republicans filed yet another bill to repeal the ACA. The bill delays the ACA repeal until January 1, 2023 - specifically because they do not have an alternative plan.  The only goal is to continue the gridlock paralyzing Congress. Who benefits from gridlock? Their biggest donors in the pharmaceutical and the health insurance industries.  

M4Am will not be a one-shot cure all for our health care problems. But it is a practical, achievable next step that will begin to address many of the issues with the system.