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Rick Kennedy (Democrat, TX-17) is a software engineer who has called Central Texas home for more than a decade. His three children grew up attending Austin Public Schools, and his oldest is headed to Baylor University in Waco in the fall.


Rick and his four siblings were raised by parents who worked hard so that their children had greater opportunities than they did. Rick has spent his entire adult life striving to give his own children the opportunity to succeed, and he is committed to working on behalf of families throughout the district as a representative in Congress.


With over three decades in the tech industry, Rick has worked with companies both big and small, including pioneers of the internet like Lucent and Dell. He is currently a project management consultant providing advice and expertise to clients from around the world.


Rick is running for Congress to make a difference for the people of Central Texas. He believes the Republicans in Congress are ignoring the voices of the people and are intent on exploiting the deep divisions that are ripping our nation apart. While some politicians are focused on exploiting those divisions for electoral advantage, Rick is focused on addressing the issues with solutions that will improve the lives of those that call Central Texas home.


Because of his experience traveling the world working with technology companies, Rick recognizes that the pace of technology-driven change and the level of global competition is only going to increase. He is proud to have a background in STEM and will advocate for a better education system that highlights teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skill sets.


By bringing a practical approach to Capitol Hill, Rick can help get things done for working families that have been forgotten by the current administration. Given his experience in the world of technology he understands the complex issues that our entire world will be grappling with over the next decade.


Washington needs fewer talkers and more doers. The problems that face our nation are complex and deserve more than rhetorical responses by career politicians – they deserve critical thoughts from unique minds.